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Members of our faculty are expected to conduct original research of exceptionally high quality, to teach effectively, and to participate in and contribute to the academic environment.


Advanced degree? Check. In-depth knowledge? Check. The desire to share your knowledge to help others achieve? Double-check. As a faculty member, you’ll be challenged to provide purposeful student experience to prepare your working learners for greater success in the real world.

You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. If this sounds like you, you may meet the criteria to become a faculty member at Jovial Study Land.

  • Teach part time without interrupting your full-time career
  • Know you’re making a difference sharing your wisdom with students
  • Connect with all of your students - in a classroom or online - with our smaller class sizes
  • Expand your knowledge base as you study course materials, read texts, review student research and facilitate class discussions
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills while you’re presenting course materials and answering questions

Teaching is a most reliable and admirable career. Are you looking for a teacher profession? We are hiring well experienced teacher with highly passionate. Jovial Study Land giving you a life time opportunity for explore your teaching career.

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement to join us. Currently we are looking for the following teachers:

  • Teachers for Chemistry
  • Teachers for Mathematics
  • Teachers for English
  • Teachers for Sanskrit

You must know what exactly it is you want to portray to the children that you are teaching to provide them with a good role model. Though objectives may vary slightly from teacher to teacher, there are some objectives that every teacher must keep in mind. For instance, all children benefit from learning how to get along and work together respectfully.

We identifies the key concepts, content, skills and pedagogy appropriate to the delivery of each subject area. Our key objectives are mainly focus on:

  • Build a Solid Foundation
  • Explain Relevance of the Subject
  • Nurture Well Rounded Development
  • Connect to Students
  • Positive Classroom Environment
  • Effective Coomunication
  • Student Assessment and Data Analysis

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